Craft Creative is a nationally renowned premium video production and creative agency that provides tailored creative solutions to partners across the United States. Craft Creative takes pride in coloring outside the lines and bucks the standard cookie-cutter creative production. In the same vein, Craft Creative doesn’t call clients, “clients”. Instead, they are partners, collaborating on innovative ideas and growing one another together.

Established in 2015, Craft Creative’s commitment to excellence in video production has generated a roster of partners making over one billion dollars in gross revenue. Since inception, Craft Creative has filmed a variety of high-value cinematic ads for major corporations across industries, as well as highly successful law firms and automotive dealerships. Craft Creative’s clients include Ford Motor Company, iHeart Radio, Quality Tax, Dodge, NBC Comcast, Toyota Motor Corporation, and Chrysler, among others. Headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina, Craft Creative works with partners nationwide.

Craft Creative’s partner-focused approach to production means that every element is crafted specifically for each particular partner. The agency’s quality of work and processes are unmatched by other production companies, providing a fun, seamless experience for their partners. Typically, video production consists of a person in a standard studio with a camera, lights, and a microphone. Craft Creative completely disrupts that model. Instead, the Craft Creative team is comprised of expert cinematographers, and each studio possesses the most cutting-edge equipment and sets in the industry. As an exclusive agency providing luxurious and rarified production solutions, Craft Creative is unapologetic in pricing – the results speak for themselves.

Craft Creative has produced some of the most captivating and compelling content for partners spanning across industries, garnering the agency significant commercial success in a variety of formats and genres. Craft Creative credits their continued achievements to their three main pillars – developing and maintaining strong business partnerships, providing top-tier tools and resources to partners, and building out an ever-expanding passionate team of subject matter experts in cinematography.

In addition to being an agency with team of top-tier cinematographers, Craft Creative also serves as a film academy, giving back to the creative community. Craft Creative provides expertise and instruction to many up-and-coming cinematographers, teaching them how to create, follow their passion, and succeed in the industry.

Led by newly minted President Paul Schmidt, Craft Creative is recognized as one of the premium production agencies in the nation, Craft Creative also serves as a resource for thought leadership in the industry. Driven by a passion for cinematography with an eye towards continuous improvement, Craft Creative is always on the forefront, from technique to technology.

Craft Creative aims to work with the entire scope of exclusive partners in the nation. With the agency’s expertise, as well as its extensive experience in fostering collaborative partnerships, Craft Creative has changed the game of video production in less than a decade.