Craft Creative Studios: All You Need to Know

Craft Creative Studios

We have launched a new video production hub with audio-visual recording capabilities that any content creator would like to use. Our production hub is located at the heart of North Charleston, South Carolina and we are offering nothing but pure awesomeness to our esteemed clients. From podcast hosting to video production which can be leveraged by content creators to make social media and music videos, talk shows, and real interviews. Our studio is 3000sq feet well equipped with RGB lighting and a host of other equipment. We are the only studio that uses RGB studio lighting. It is important to note that our studios are available for rent on half day (4 hours) and full-day (8 hours) basis. As such, Craft Creative Studio has placed itself as the ideal venue for quality and elegant video and sound recording events. You can contact us today if you need video production.


Podcast Studios

Whether you are creating an audiobook, a podcast, a video blog, or other projects, you need a state-of-art studio to make this a reality. At Craft Creative studios we offer you one of the best video and audio production at a fair price. At our studios, your content creation will be done with the latest sound and video equipment available in the market. Additionally, to help you create elegant audio content our podcast is staffed with a qualified, skilled, and experienced sound engineer who shall do periodic checks to ensure that everything. Thus, for content creators in North Charleston, South Carolina, and its environs, visit Craft Creative Studios to get firsthand experience of elegant audio production.


Video Production

Our video production suite is expansive with a cyc wall that has white and chroma screen backdrop operations. Built with a complete soundproofing technology, our video production suit is ideal for quality sound recording and the coding grid allows for limitless lighting possibilities. The studio is also characterized by quality cameras that ensure that your creation is elegant and appealing to your audience. In addition to the main studio, there is also a room dedicated to makeup, hair, and wardrobe for to clients prepare for their productions. Below are some important features of the studio:


  1. a) The production studio is 2500 sq feet.
  2. b) The white cyc wall is 40 ft
  3. c) Chroma cyc wall is 20ft
  4. d) It has a double vaulted ceiling for noise dampening which is 12ft
  5. e) Support grid which is 5x and 2000lbs.
  6. f) Wireless lighting control with RGB and Fx powered by Aputure.

Hire A Crew

Our mission has always been to inspire others and the globe at large with our cutting-edge production that is a product of dedication, attention to detail, and hard work. As such, we always endeavor to provide both our partners and customers with top-notch service from the start to finish. It is against this backdrop that we provide our customers with experienced and reliable cinematographers who are dedicated to ensuring that a client’s vision is turned into reality with perfect clarity. Through our crew, we bring a diverse perspective on how video production should be and use our professional skill set to execute any idea or vision effortlessly without fail. You can also hire our cinematographers to help you fine-tune some aspects of your production to make it more appealing to the audience.


Enhance Your Content Creation with Us

Craft Creative studios is a classical epitome of elegance meeting technology and you can experience that today. You can schedule a tour at Craft Creative studios and experience our elegant and state-of-the-art studios and the services available. In case you are looking for quality video production in North Charlestonyou can request a booking with us and we will confirm it shortly. For Booking, you can call us at 843-804-9470.

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