Driving Visual Innovation in Automotive Video Production

Brimming with a team of auto-obsessed creatives, we're not just about making videos; we're about crafting visual masterpieces that drive your brand straight into the hearts of your audience.

Our Pit Crew of Services

  • Vehicle Spotlights: Allow us to encapsulate every intricate detail of your vehicle in breathtaking clarity.

  • Promo Videos: Introducing a new model? We'll generate excitement with a video that accentuates its top-notch features and advantages.

  • Virtual Test Drives: Offer potential buyers a virtual test drive, emphasizing the superior performance and comfort of your vehicles.

  • Showroom Walkthroughs: Showcase the excellence of your dealership's facilities and team with a professionally crafted video walkthrough.

  • Client Experience Videos: Genuine testimonials from happy customers can significantly amplify your brand's trustworthiness.

Our Video Production Process


Exploratory Phase

Our production will begin by forming a project brief to understand your objectives for your video. We’ll craft the perfect creative direction for your video, then assess the timing and resources needed for your project. This can include the filming location, production schedule, talent, scripting, shortlists, storyboards, and more.


Partnership and Collaboration

Partnership is key in our process. Once we understand your goals, values, and who you are as a brand, we can provide the most effective service. Our team collaboratively discusses the best creative approach for your project, leveraging insights from our research and conversations with you.


Communication and Scriptwriting

Our communication process sets us apart. We keep our partners well-informed while managing internal updates effectively. The scriptwriting phase brings our ideas to life, with your feedback being essential to refining the narrative. Upon approval, we transition into pre-production.



During pre-production, we prepare meticulously for production day. We arrange locations, hair and makeup, talent, props, and more. Storyboards and shot lists are created to ensure smooth execution on the day of production.


Day of Production

On the day of production, all our planning comes to fruition. We set up lights, cameras, and audio equipment while prioritizing safety on set. Our experienced team members work seamlessly together, ensuring there's no guesswork involved.



Post-production is where the magic happens. Starting with raw, uncolored footage, we meticulously edit the piece to tell your story effectively. The editing process is collaborative, with multiple team members contributing to ensure the final product resonates with your audience.

  • Exploratory Phase

  • Partnership and Collaboration

  • Communication and Scriptwriting

  • Pre-Production

  • Day of Production

  • Post-Production

Featured Work

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Serving the Continental US

We serve clients throughout the US. No matter where you are, we are here to help you bring your creative ideas to life. We specialize in creating engaging, professional video productions that are tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Let’s bring your story to life together.

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