Craft Creative is a national video production company that specializes in creating high-quality marketing materials for clients. In this case study, we will be looking at how Craft Creative and VIP Marketing worked together to rebrand a historic golf course.


The Challenge

The golf course in question had a long and storied history, but its branding and marketing materials had not been updated in many years. Craft Creative and VIP Marketing were brought on to help bring the golf course’s marketing into the modern age.


The Solution

Craft Creative began by creating a video that highlighted the history of the golf course and showcased its beautiful grounds and facilities. The video was intended to increase donations for ongoing upgrades to the course, as Friends of the Muni is a 501c3 organization.

In addition to the video, VIP Marketing provided a range of branding materials, including a new logo design and a fully redesigned website. The new branding was designed to capture the attention of golfers and potential donors, and to reflect the prestige and history of the golf course.


The Result

The rebranding campaign was a huge success, and the golf course saw a significant increase in donations and interest in its facilities. Craft Creative and VIP Marketing were able to modernize the golf course’s branding and marketing materials, while still honoring its rich history.

Overall, the rebranding campaign was a great example of how a skilled video production company and marketing firm can work together to bring a brand into the modern age, while still respecting its history and traditions.

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