Video Production for Healthcare Professionals

In medical and healthcare services, trust is paramount. At Craft Creative, we understand that. Our mission is to help you convey your story, your services, and your commitment to patient care in a way that resonates with your audience and builds that essential trust.

Our Suite of Healthcare Video Services

Our video production services are custom-tailored to meet the unique needs of healthcare providers:

  • Healthcare Spotlights: We capture the essence of your healthcare organization, emphasizing your team's dedication, expertise, and commitment to patient care.

  • Procedure & Treatment Videos: Demonstrate the cutting-edge procedures and treatments you offer, providing clear and concise information to patients.

  • Virtual Facility Tours: Offer potential patients and their families a sneak peek into your facility, showcasing its state-of-the-art equipment and welcoming environment.

  • Physician Profiles: Spotlight the individuals behind your organization's success with personalized profiles that highlight their qualifications, experiences, and dedication to patient care.

  • Patient Testimonial Videos: Enhance your organization's credibility and reputation with authentic testimonials from satisfied patients.

Our Video Production Process


Exploratory Phase

The journey begins when you reach out to us. We embark on an exploratory phase where we aim to understand your vision and align it with ours. We ask critical questions to gauge your current marketing efforts, past creative endeavors, competitors, and market positioning. This helps us understand how best to elevate your brand through our creative services.


Partnership and Collaboration

Partnership is key in our process. Once we understand your goals, values, and who you are as a brand, we can provide the most effective service. Our team collaboratively discusses the best creative approach for your project, leveraging insights from our research and conversations with you.


Communication and Scriptwriting

Our communication process sets us apart. We keep our partners well-informed while managing internal updates effectively. The scriptwriting phase brings our ideas to life, with your feedback being essential to refining the narrative. Upon approval, we transition into pre-production.



During pre-production, we prepare meticulously for production day. We arrange locations, hair and makeup, talent, props, and more. Storyboards and shot lists are created to ensure smooth execution on the day of production.


Day of Production

On the day of production, all our planning comes to fruition. We set up lights, cameras, and audio equipment while prioritizing safety on set. Our experienced team members work seamlessly together, ensuring there's no guesswork involved.



Post-production is where the magic happens. Starting with raw, uncolored footage, we meticulously edit the piece to tell your story effectively. The editing process is collaborative, with multiple team members contributing to ensure the final product resonates with your audience.

  • Exploratory Phase

  • Partnership and Collaboration

  • Communication and Scriptwriting

  • Pre-Production

  • Day of Production

  • Post-Production

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Serving the Continental US

We serve clients throughout the US. No matter where you are, we are here to help you bring your creative ideas to life. We specialize in creating engaging, professional video productions that are tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Let’s bring your story to life together.