Blinking on Camera

Michael Caine has said, in a close-up scene, an actor can send a signal of strength and seriousness of purpose by not blinking. And, conversely, the actor can signal weakness, vulnerability and nervousness by blinking more than usual.

“Hugh Grant is so funny because he blinks all the time, ‘cause he’s always nervous, he can’t get the girl, and that is a very clever actor letting you know that he’s not very strong and he’s nervous and he’s upset. [On the other hand] If you’re playing a serious character in a movie, as I often do, you don’t wanna appear nervous and upset.”

Blinking more on camera is a trait that can easily be unlearnt by practicing beforehand. You can film yourself as many times as possible during your free time once you know that you are vulnerable. You can also invite your friends to your practice sessions and assign one party to film you as you act. You will overcome your nervousness with time, however slow. Constant practice also helps you get accustomed to being on camera, which is invaluable to an actor. Can you imagine what you could do if you were comfortable with all the camera flashes around you?

Focus your eyes on something is the secret that actors use to avoid excessive blinking. You can easily eradicate this trait by making eye contact with your fellow actor. Well, here is something strange. Eye contact does not mean locking eyes with a fellow actor. There is something known as the third eye in acting. The third eye is the region between the eyes that rarely moves. You will easily avoid blinking by focusing on this part since your eyes won’t be darting left and right. Therefore, focusing on the third eye makes starring easy, which I one of the convenient ways of avoiding blinking.

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