Why Your TV Lawyer Ads Don't Stand Out

20 March 2024
 Why Your TV Lawyer Ads Don't Stand Out

In the world of advertising, every second counts. According to Ipsos, a mere 45% of television ad time actually receives attention from audiences. To run a successful TV advertisement campaign, your law firm has to defy the odds and stand out from the crowd. Easier said than done. TV marketing is rife with competition and the world of TV lawyer commercials is all the more fierce. With so many law firms advertising at a time, it's easy for a marketing campaign to get lost in the sea of noise. If your TV law ads aren't standing out, here are a few reasons that might be why: 

Your Ad is Following Tried and True Tropes but not Forging a Unique Path

With such a long history and competitive marketing scene, it's unsurprising that TV law commercials have developed a complex ecosystem over the years. There are important foundational rules and principles to follow, but additionally, common tropes and clichés that you will see reappear again and again in law advertisements. A few common examples are:

Bookshelves — A collection of vintage books adorning the background is a common sight found in almost any law commercial.

Patriotic Symbols — Whether it be eagles, American flags, or the Statue of Liberty, most lawyers love showing their patriotism.

Professionalism — Lawyers tend to appear in their commercials personally and when they do, you can bet they'll be wearing suits and probably acting as professional as possible.

Sound Effects — A common tactic employed by law commercials is the usage of sound effects in an attempt to grab a viewer's attention.

There's nothing inherently wrong with any of these tropes and just because your TV lawyer commercial employs one or all of these tactics, that doesn't mean the advertisement is inherently banal or uninteresting. What can, however, make a commercial boring is if it hits all the old notes without doing anything original.  


You Need Something Fresh

To captivate an audience, your advertisement needs something more. Whether you create a unique flare on a common trope or decide to break the mold entirely, your commercial has to set itself apart from the competition. Originality is the first step to not only obtaining the attention of a viewer but also an important step towards boosting brand recognition and shaping your brand identity. A successful TV lawyer commercial should be unique and reflect what your law firm stands for and the personality you want your brand to convey.

If you're ready to start developing a successful TV lawyer advertisement campaign that engages audiences and stands out from the crowd or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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