The 5 Key Benefits of Virtual Production

17 January 2024
 benefits of virtual production

Hello everyone! Today, we’re thrilled to delve into the fascinating world of virtual production. We recently embarked on an exciting journey with a partner from California who flew all the way to South Carolina for a virtual production project, and it was an enlightening experience.

The Challenge

Our challenge was to create a variety of scenes - including a truck, dinner scene, interview setup, and courtroom - all within a tight two-day schedule. As we brainstormed, we realized the most efficient way to bring our ideas to life would be through virtual production. This was our first venture into this innovative realm, and it required careful planning and preparation.

The Power of Planning

You cannot embark on a successful virtual production without thorough planning. We invested significant time in pre-production: finding backplates, videos for the driving scene, and perfect setups for a dinner scene. Having these resources ready for production day was invaluable and led us to the first benefit of virtual production: time efficiency.

Benefit 1: Time Efficiency

There's no way we could have completed five ads in two days without virtual production. Consider the time needed to scout locations, set up, break down, and travel. With virtual production, we had all our backgrounds on one LED wall, allowing us to change and manipulate them as needed. The convenience was unparalleled.

Benefit 2: Perfect Sound

The second major advantage was sound quality. Filming on location often means dealing with interruptions that affect sound. In a sound-treated studio, there are no such issues. Whether we brought in an 18-wheeler or created a restaurant scene, we achieved crystal-clear audio without any interruptions.

Benefit 3: Consistent Lighting

With virtual production, lighting becomes a non-issue. You no longer have to worry about changes in natural light affecting your shots. Plus, the screen provides ample ambient light, allowing us to adjust highlights and shadows to perfectly match our background.

Benefit 4: Creative Use of Props

Virtual production allows for the imaginative use of props. We were able to bring a full truck into the studio and film it in such a way that it looked like it was genuinely in motion. For the dinner scene, we brought in a dining table, making the scene incredibly authentic.

Benefit 5: Safety

Last but certainly not least, virtual production enhances safety. We were able to film a driving scene that looked completely real without any risks on the road or the need for permits. It provided a safe yet creative environment for us to produce an effective scene.

These are just a few of the benefits of filming on an LED wall and embracing virtual production. If you found this post valuable, we'd love to hear your thoughts. Want to hire our production team for your video production needs, contact us today.

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