4 Signs Your Video Advertising Needs Improvement

03 March 2021
4 Signs Your Video Advertising Needs Improvement

In the digital age, video advertisement is a crucial side of bringing in business. Using video ads for products can improve sales by up to 40%. Videos are increasing in popularity as people enjoy watching videos over other mediums. So, if your videos aren’t working, then you’re missing out on a lot of traffic and prospects.


How You Know Your Videos Aren’t Working

Nobody wants to lose out on getting the right attention from the internet. There are a few signs that will show you that your video advertising isn’t working.

  • Website traffic- If your website traffic is low and it continues to stay low even after implementing a new video, then it’s a clear sign that your videos aren’t drawing in any attention.
  • Outdated Video- Outdated videos aren’t likely to show up high in Google searches and are far less likely to drive any traffic to your product or service. People assume that if the video is a few years old that the product or service is outdated as well.
  • Wrong Audience- Getting the wrong audience will be a clear sign that you need to implement some strategic video production. You’ll know you have the wrong crowd if you have high viewership on your video but an incredibly low ROI or if people tend to ask redundant questions about the video. There are a few other ways to see if you’re attracting the wrong people.
  • Conversions- Having a low conversion rate is a good sign that you need to improve your video quality and ensure that you’re sending the appropriate message concerning what you’re trying to sell.

Improved Videos Increase Organic Traffic

Having the right video advertisement is key to drive online traffic. Here are a few steps to take to try to fix your video. It’s important to make sure your videos are sending the right messages, are clear and concise, and appeal to your desired target audience. Let the video marketing experts and Craft Creative handle your next video production.

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