Video Production Equipment to Immediately Improve Your Marketing Videos

13 January 2021
Video Production Equipment to Immediately Improve Your Marketing Videos

You already know businesses using video to improve their customer experience are more likely to increase sales. It is no surprise that business owners are turning to professionals to improve their marketing videos. We sought to provide a comprehensive list of video production equipment to improve your marketing videos.

A DSLR Camera

Why a digital single-lens reflex camera and not a point-and-shoot camera or your smartphone camera? First, DSLR cameras are becoming more and more affordable. Secondly, they provide images of superior quality compared to point-and-shoot cameras.

Smartphone cameras come in handy. But videos recorded via smartphone camera are lesser in quality even for higher megapixels. For that reason, Craft Creative recommends investing in a DSLR. Depending on your needs, a DSLR camera will provide you with a grounding for quality video marketing.

Firm Tripod

A tripod helps stabilize and elevate your camera and light unit as you shoot your videos. The simple three-legged video production equipment might be what you need to improve your marketing videos.

The fastest way to come across as inexperienced to your audience is to have present footage. A great tripod or any stabilization device is recommended by even those with the steadiest of hands. Consider adding a sturdy tripod to your video production equipment.

An External Microphone

A camera has an internal microphone. Why add another microphone?

An external mic is used to improve marketing videos by allowing hands-free operation. They often come with clips that are attached to clothes.
Adding a body mic, collar mic, or lapel mic to your video production equipment eases the final output production.

Don’t rely on your inbuilt camera microphone during video production. Whether you are shooting your videos for your social media e-commerce page, or making a live video, adding an external microphone to your video production equipment is a pro move.


Don’t feel down if you cannot afford any hardware mentioned above. The important thing is making the first step to create a video. Video is often an intense undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be. Looking for a video production team with the right equipment for any project? Contact Craft Creative.

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