5 Video Production Formats to Market Your Law Firm

15 December 2022
5 Video Production Formats to Market Your Law Firm

Videos have become an excellent way for companies to market themselves. They improve SEO, increase web traffic, and provide more engagement on social media. 

If you don’t think your law firm should use video production marketing, here are some statistics that may change your mind: 


  • 1) Over 33% of clients start looking for a lawyer online.

  • 2) Approximately 96% of people seeking legal advice begin their search online.

  • 3) Law firms that utilize videos as a part of their marketing strategy almost always see a bump in traffic to their site.  

The numbers don’t lie.  Your law firm needs to improve their online marketing by using video.  A video not only can build brand awareness but also help expand your clientele.

Here are 5 types of video production your law firm should use to persuade quality clients to hire you.

1. Explainer Videos

An explainer video is a short online marketing video used to explain a company’s product or service.  This type of video should definitely be used as a part of your legal marketing strategy.  Your law firm can use explainer videos to talk about the legal services you provide.  For example, if your firm provides bankruptcy services, one of your lawyers can do a video explaining the two types of bankruptcy and how they may apply to your viewer’s situation.   

To come up with topics for your videos, you can use past blog articles you’ve published. 


2. Testimonials

A video by a satisfied client is a powerful way to provide social proof to your potential clients. This video should be short and have a compelling message. This video should not only be on your website but shared on your social media channels.   

Be sure to use an interviewee who can articulate your testimonial in a professional manner. 

3. Firm Introduction

Another video you should use as part of your legal advertising strategy is a video introducing the history of your firm.  You can introduce the attorneys and other employees of your firm.  You can also share your firm’s mission statement. 


4. Attorney Profiles

Firms with multiple attorneys should have video profiles of them.  The videos should introduce each attorney individually.  The content should be a balance of why they chose to be lawyers, what types of cases they specialize in, and some personal information about themselves. 


5. Frequently Asked Questions

Creating a FAQ video is an excellent way to address the questions your firm receives most often.  There are a few ways you can do this.  One way is to pose the question using text images and answer with a voice-over with images and key points displayed on the screen.  Another way is to have someone on your staff ask the frequently asked questions on camera, and then one of your lawyers come on and answer them.    

If you want more information on how we can help your law firm craft compelling legal marketing videos,  discover how we’ve helped other law firms with their video marketing.  And if you have any further questions contact us today.  

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