How to Reach New Audiences With TV Commercials

04 November 2022
How to Reach New Audiences With TV Commercials

Despite the rise of Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, and other online entertainment channels, television advertising remains one of the most effective ways to build your brand and reach new people. 


TV Commercials Build Brand Awareness

There’s a reason all the major brands advertise on TV: Because it builds brand awareness. It also increases trust and boosts your authority. People tend to trust television commercials more than ads they see online. Anyone can advertise online, but only serious brands advertise on TV. 


Television Allows You to Reach Many People

Another advantage of television commercials is that they allow you to reach millions of people in one little slot. It’s a myth that young people don’t watch TV. According to Statista, television reaches 90% of Americans over the age of 18 each week, including 81% of millennials (those in the 18-34 age bracket). 


Television Allows You to Catch Viewers’ Attention

One of downsides of online advertising is that online attention spans are very short. Video ads on apps like YouTube can usually be skipped after just a few seconds, which means you only have those few seconds to engage your viewers and make a great first impression. Many online viewers may be multitasking at work or while doing online research. On the other hand, television audiences are usually more engaged with what they’re watching. You can target ad spots in TV shows that appeal to your target audience for increased engagement. 


How to Create Successful TV Commercials

Creating an effective television commercial is a science. You have to make sure your branding is on point and develop a storyline that captivates audiences and engages viewers. Your commercial must appeal to viewers’ emotions, show them the benefits of your product and service, and make them want to call your phone number or visit your website right away. 


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