Why Your Law Firm Needs A Branding Video

19 August 2021
Why Your Law Firm Needs A Branding Video

Video is an effective way to show prospective clients why they should choose your firm.  An introductory video shows potential clients what your firm has to offer and why they should choose you.  A branding video can paint a picture of the type of firm you operate and how you help your clients.  It also allows you to share your firm’s value proposition.    


Here are some reasons why your law firm needs a branding video:


Video Increases Reliability and Trust

A brand video helps potential clients relate to your law firm.  When your audience sees your name and your face, it allows them to see your genuine nature.  This builds trust and people like doing business with people they have confidence in.  A well-crafted video tends to build an emotional connection with viewers. 


You Can Reach More Potential Customers Through Social Media  


Video is one of the most shared pieces of content.  When you’re trying to grow your brand, video content is the most efficient way to extend your online reach. 


Telling your firm’s story through video allows potential customers to discover you on their favorite social media platforms. 


Video Can Help Your Law Firm Stand Out from The Crowd


You can get a jump on your competition by creating a brand video and putting it out there for the world to see.  Consumers prefer to watch a video instead of reading text. 

Consider these facts:


  • 90% of web consumers said that they find that video helps them make a purchasing decision.
  • 65% of business executives who watch work-related videos visit the website afterward.
  • 64% of people who visit a business’ website are more likely to buy their product after watching a video.

Let Us Help You Create A Branding Video for Your Law Firm

Craft Creative can put together a branding video that can showcase your brand to your audience.  One of our specialties is creating law firm branding videos.  Reach out  to us today for more information.    

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