5 Insightful Tips on How to Improve Your Healthcare Marketing Videos

12 January 2021
5 Insightful Tips on How to Improve Your Healthcare Marketing Videos

Whether your goal is to get more patients, increase enrollment in your health insurance coverage, market a new product or service, video marketing is an excellent tool for your healthcare marketing plans.

Your target audience can be very elusive, but you can net relatively higher conversions with video content than image-based or text-based content. Videos tend to be more memorable and convey information and emotions that would have otherwise been impossible via an email newsletter.




Have a look at the following how-tos and tips to help you develop quality, eye-catching, and informative videos to achieve your marketing goals.


From the onset, identify your target audience and be intentional with your healthcare video marketing strategies. Consider what and why you are doing your video marketing project. Plan how it will be done, account for the viewer benefit, and ultimately the measure of success.


As healthcare marketers, some of the stories we have to tell are a bit longer and complex. We’ll use more  than the typical word count we are allowed on social media posts and such. In healthcare marketing, it is important to show the human and compassionate side of health care. In short, video marketing is the best way to accomplish that.

Use video marketing to feature doctors in their line of duty and patients to share testimonials while receiving care in your facilities. This way of video marketing tells your story in a short time but delivers useful information and engages your audience by featuring different people in your story.


Being authentic and empathetic allows your prospective customers to connect with your healthcare brand on a personal level. Strive to stir the emotions of your viewers. Leave a memory and create a touchpoint.

These touchpoints are an integral aspect of your marketing campaigns to help you establish your brand. If your healthcare marketing videos trigger positive emotions in your audience, it will enhance your brand’s positive image in the future.


Healthcare marketing videos can be a delicate affair. On the one hand, you have technical jargon, privacy laws, and compliance requirements, and on the other hand, you are a problem-solver and a creative thinker who needs to achieve the desired outcome.

In this instance, therefore, the general thumb rule is “tell, don’t sell.”

Your primary job is to educate your target audience. Create content that is both interesting and informative. You can consider a storytelling video format that will capture attention and engage your viewer.


At Craft Creative, we offer everything from website videos, TV commercials, corporate videos, expert advice/opinion, and everything else in between. We are a full-service video production company and our video production crew prides itself producing in premium videos and high-quality graphics to help industries achieve their marketing goals.

For more information and queries on improving the quality of your healthcare marketing videos and achieving your marketing goals, feel free to contact us on 843.804.9470, and we will be more than willing to assist.

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